Fairy Stream Mui Ne - the fairyland where the nature has created thousands of strange shapes such as sandy stalactites which look like the skyscrapers. They’re rock and wrapped by red sandy mountains. Of course, they add their roles to make the stream look more brilliant.

Only walking along the stream, you can feel clearly the coolness of the stream water. The scenery of Fairy Stream looks like a drawing which charms the tourists’ soul as well as someone who love miraculous nature. The color contrast actually show with the green of trees, the orange of stream water, the yellow orange of sand and the color of sandy stalactites.



Fairy Stream is not a swift-flowing stream. Instead, it runs gently. The water level is a little higher than your ankles, the deepest place is even lower than your knees. So most of tourists must take off their shoes or slippers and walk barefoot in to feel the cool even when it’s scorching hot. There are smooth white sand and lapping waves under your feet that brings us a completely different feeling between the sand desert around.



After going bypass the first 300 meters, the fairyland seems to appear in front of your eyes. There are some sand pillars carved by the “Waterman”, sand stalactites with weird appearances, or some huge reliefs that are always changeable depending on the water flow. For that the reason, tourists will feel the scenery is strange and new although they come back there for the second time. The entrance fee in Fairy Stream is 15.000 VND/ person.

Fairy Stream (Suoi Hong) is about 4 kilometers from Mui Ne Market, and about 19 kilometers from Phan Thiet City center. Located behind the sand dune, there is a path on Huynh Thuc Khang Street which leads to the stream.  This path is a small alley on Huynh Thuc Khang street, going bypass the Rang bridge, you will see it. Just follow the path and it leads you to the stream.



If you do not know exactly the path to the stream then you can ask the local people. After that, you should ask the allowance to put your transportation and even your shoes (slippers) in the local people’s houses in order to walk barefoot in the stream and enjoy the wild beauty here.

Along the stream, there are many paths that lead to the sand dune. You can go along them to have a full overview of the Fairy Stream. On one side, there is a green row of coconuts. On the other side, the two-color sand wall is superb. The rain and the wind erode the sand stalactites and help them to expose to the sunlight. They are pointing straight to the sky and look like glorious castles.



When going upstream, we can catch sight of a small waterfall. From here, tourists may return the old path or continue to go and discover many sand paths along the mountain side.

Coming here, you can admire the purely neglected beauty of this land where a footprint is even swept away by the stream water. Although it takes about one hour for the journey to discover the Fairy Stream, many tourists still spend their all day in this fairy land. After crossing the stream and enjoying the sightseeing, you can drop in a farm nearby the Fairy Stream to ride ostriches, which is very funny and amusing.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream is an ideal destination for you, your family and your friends to take beautiful pictures which are one of a kind.







1 - 3 pax:  29 USD / private jeep up to 4 people (the price is per jeep, not per person)

4 - 6 pax:  34 USD / private jeep up to 6 people (the price is per jeep, not per person)

7 pax and more:  8 USD per pax for whole tour by private jeep


  • Sunrise tour pick up at 4:30am  (Duration from 04:30am - 08:30am)
  • Sunset tour pick up at 1:30pm  (Duration from 1:30pm - 6:00pm)
  • Customise pick up time:  Choose the starting time between the time frame: 4:30am - 8:30am for morning tour or 13:30pm - 14:30pm for afternoon tour
  • Tour duration: about 04 hours – 04 hours and a half.


  • Private tour includes:

- Pick up and drop off guests by private jeep at the hotel/ resort (in Mui Ne)

- Wet wipe, water

- Entrance tickets at the White Dunes


  • Tour excludes:

- Tour-guide, other services…


  • Preparation:

The departure time is flexible upon guest’s choosing. Guests decide the time for pick up at the hotel, we can arrange jeep car for tour at any time.




White Sand Dunes


Red Sand Dunes


Fishing Village




Additional notes: the services are available for rent at the white sand dunes:

- ATV rental: 40 USD for 30 minutes/ one ATV for 2 persons

- Jeep ride to the dunes: 9 USD per persons

- Sand boarding: 1 USD for one sliding board